Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Illustrated Vegetarian

I've rather neglected this blog in the last few months, partly because we've been moving and while we were travelling I was documenting our adventures on a separate Tumblr - becca-thorne.tumblr.com - but also because I've started a new blog, The Illustrated Vegetarian.

It started life when I was considering a better way of storing my own recipes than either in my head or on the back of envelopes and stuffed in a crumpled pile in a cupboard with recipes torn from the Guardian Weekend, and grew into an idea for experimentation and development of my illustration work.

                                                             Ciambella, The Illustrated Vegetarian (c) Becca Thorne 2014
 My recipes naturally tend to be distinctly seasonal as I use what's available on the allotment, so in the next few months I'll probably be sharing a lot of soups, stews, pies and roasts, with maybe a few curries, cakes and breads. The most recent post is a Stilton, Leek and Sweet Potato Pie, which was incredibly tasty and warming on a cold and rainy Sunday evening.

Of coure I'll still be sharing my illustration work here, but if you want a little nosy into my kitchen habits, as well as some foodie inspiration and pretty pictures, please do pop over to illustrated-vegetarian.blogspot.com. And if you try any of the recipes out, please leave a comment over there to let me know how it went. I've never really written recipes for anyone but myself before, so do tell me if you find any problems. Cheers!

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