Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet - The Book

I've been meaning to write this post for ages, but I've finally taken photos and here it is - better late than never! Mail Me Art Short & Sweet: The Book....

It's been beautifully designed by the multi-talented Beach and is packed-full of all the fabulous mail art from 240 artists in 24 countries around the world. Some of it's listed as MIA, but most actually made it and is listed on the MMA website for sale as originals or prints, with proceeds going to Animal Aid, the Teenage Cancer Trust and WaterAid; three very worthy causes. Every piece has been hand drawn/painted/printed/collaged onto a CS envelope - nothing's been digitally manipulated - and it's all been posted uncovered; some pieces have post marks or stickers over the work, some are a bit wrinkled or creased, but they all show a little bit of their journey, making them extra special.

Here's my page, alongside the very Klimtesque Kai Schuttler:

It was very hard to do, but I've picked my some of my favourites. So much loveliness:

As well as all the gorgeous work the book also contains quotes from some of the artists, photos of work in transit and instructions for entry to next year's postcard MMA, Open All Hours, including the postcard you'll need to customise to enter. You can buy it at

The final Mail Me Art show, at Croft Wingates Gallery in Market Harborough, ends tomorrow and, sadly, I haven't made it to that or either of the previous two (at Framers in London and Factoryroad in Hinckley), and from the photos and videos of it all on the Mail Me Art Facebook page I've missed a treat.

Monday, 12 August 2013

A Wonderful Wedding, Full of

Two of my favourite people married one another this weekend, in a lovely ceremony and fabulous celebration in Somerset. I decided that there was no way they could start their married life without a linocut of Lovejoy, because what's a marriage without Lovejoy?

For the card Rowan requested that I do this: 

                                                                                                                                                                          (c) Becca Thorne 2013

It's based on a game he and the groom are fond of, which involves making this shape with your hand, placing it surreptitously below another person's eyeline and hoping they look at it. If they do, you can punch them. Chris never stood chance.

Two slightly silly wedding presents for two very special people. Happy Wedding, Ellie and Chris, have a fantastic honeymoon!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Coming In Your Ears

It was my marvelous friend Helen (of From Little Seeds)'s birthday recently. I was going to give her a cake, or some gooseberry jam, or maybe some homemade gooseberry wine (we had a lot of gooseberries this year), but I didn't get round to making any in time. Then I saw a trailer for the new Alan Partridge movie, and I knew just the thing:

(c) Becca Thorne 2013

I'm assuming it'll give her strange dreams.