Thursday, 21 February 2013

Captain Crochet!

I've spent the last month or so designing and creating crocheted goodies, learning new stitches, making myself a shop banner and getting some green business cards from Moo, and in the last couple of days I managed to photograph all my new creations while the sun graced my little photography corner. So now, here it is:

My new Etsy crochet shop, Captain Crochet's Craft Emporium. I've started with just a few key items, but now I've got some patterns down I'm going to make lots more in different colours. If you like the look of anything in there, but don't see a colour you like, please let me know - I'll happily make things to order.

In illustration news, I was invited to contribute to Mail Me Art 3 and am now just waiting for the ink to dry on my print before I can scan it and post it off. I'll show you once it's ready to go!


  1. Creating an Etsy shop site is absolutely a great idea, as it one of the most visited online stores nowadays. This will also give you the chance to show off your awesome crocheted products! People who visit the site are most likely looking for handmade and personalized goodies. I guess you've found the perfect place for you to showcase your creations. Good luck to you! :)

    Layla Stabile @ Sacramento Marketing Labs

  2. How's your crochet shop, Becca? I hope that everything's fine. Well, a great thing about Etsy is that many people have been part of it for years and you can meet a lot of wonderful people. Most are sellers as well, and they are so willing to help you with whatever you need. You'll also get to learn a lot from them regarding on how you can succeed on your venture.

    Francis Miller @ Priority Media Solutions