Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Crochet Slippers!

Here they are, as promised, my snazzy new slippers, made entirely by my own fair hand!

I made the slippers I'd started in a previous post, but I wasn't hugely pleased with them; they were a bit large and quite lumpy where the soles and the uppers didn't quite fit together because I thought I knew better than the pattern and made made the soles bigger than I was supposed to (silly, silly Becca). So when I saw this free pattern by Priscilla Hewitt I unravelled all my previous work and started on these. Yes, I am a wally.

As you can see, they need a liner - I'm thinking a thin fleece would do the trick - but they're double thickness on the sole so they're nice and warm on the ground. They're a little bit scrappy (I obviously didn't finish off one of the hexagons properly and it's started to unravel; easily fixable though) but I'm rather proud of them! I think I might need to cover the soles with something so they don't wear out too quickly; I've seen people use silicone sealant, and I was considering PVA or the glue gun, but both of those have their drawbacks (PVA's water soluable, glue gun glue might be too stiff and isn't easily spreadable). So if anyone's got any bright ideas, please share!

This Youtube video by Bethintx1 helped me figure out the sole stitch (which is tedious but actually very easy once you've gotten past the fiddly first few rows) and I followed this video from websyarnstore to join it all together. I was a little concerned about how the sole would attach to the hexagons, as it's a straight rectangle, but it worked - I added a few double crochet (single crochet US) rows in the heel area to give enough stiches to fit, but otherwise it's a doddle. 

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