Monday, 17 September 2012

West Leicester Horticultural Show

My allotment society hosted the sixth West Leicester Horticultural Show on Saturday, and it was my job to wander round with the judge while she sized up all the fruit and veg and tasted all the cakes, jams and pickles (she let me 'help' with the tasting; I'm very grateful to her for the rhubarb and ginger jam experience. Not so much the salty marrow chutney). Despite this year's wonky weather messing up the growing season there was only one category without an entry. Here are some of the highlights:

So many delicous colours. The beautiful basket of veg got Best In Show and although those spider 'cakes' didn't win a prize they were my favourites in the children's section. The leeks were huge and, as everyone knows, you can't have a horticultural show without enormous vegetables.

These beauties were in a little border by the pavillion. So pretty.

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