Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New Bags

A couple of new bags designs I've been working on. These'll be up in the shop soon, I just need to find a good spot for taking photos when the sun's not shining in my tiny sliver of garden. I'm not sure my batik bed sheet really cuts it.

You might have noticed I've altered the layout of the blog a little; it wasn't really filling the screen the way I had it, before, which meant that my pictures had to be smaller than I liked. Unfortunately it now means that some of my old posts have gotten a little mangled and might look weird, but without going through them one by one and re-jigging the text and re-sizing the pictures there's not a lot to be done about it, so I'm leaving them as they are for now. 

I also thought it was maybe time to update my header, this new one is the logo I print inside my bags. What do you think?

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