Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Birthday Bunting

Here it is, my secret little screen printing project! My friend Ellie turned 30 at the weekend, and I made her some extra special bunting as a pressie. I also made her a big fat carrot cake, but that got scoffed way too quickly for a photo!

I printed two designs in four colours onto medium weight, unbleached cotton duck fabric (with much waste of fabric thanks to my poor planning), cut them out with pinking shears and sewed them together on cotton twill tape. I printed far too many triangles, so I'm going to make up a few more from what I've got left over and they'll be up on sale on my website as soon as I've managed to get the layout etc right in my online shop!

In other news, I stood on a blimmin' weever fish in the sea in Brighton yesterday and spent half an hour with my foot in a tub of hot water at the lifeguard station. The excruciating pain subsided and the swelling went down in good time for us to have scrumptious nachos at The Dorset, but it's back again now, so I'm typing this with my foot in a bowl of hot water.

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