Monday, 14 May 2012

Norks-a-lordy, it's been a while. Since my last post I've been busy creating illustrations for a business consultancy firm's new website. It's still not finished yet, so I can't really show you anything until the launch, but here's a little taster to prove I've not been slacking off.

I've also just finished creating some illustrations for a new book by media agency PHD and business consultants eatbigfish called Overthrow: 10 Ways To Tell A Challenger Story, about the new generation of challenger brands. It will be launched at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival in June so, again, I can't really show anything yet, but here's another little morsel.

You might recognise this one; I worked with eatbigfish a year or so ago, on their Challenger Times, and a couple of these new illustrations are reworked from that. I'll try and show some proper pics when they're both out.

When I haven't been illustrating or buying pretty things on ebay (in my defence it's all second hand - I may not be reducing, but I'm a whizz at reusing and recycling...), I've been locked in a mini battle with our greenhouse mice. They've had a chomp of everything - except the celery and celeriac, which have failed for some other reason - but they really, really love the sweetcorn. They left the first batch until it'd all sprouted before scoffing it all, but they dug up the next lot as soon as I'd sown it, deftly slipping past the wire and slabs we covered their hole with and laughing in the face of the wire fortress we put over the seed trays. Cunning, cunning mice. We're winning now though - we bought a humane trap and baited it with peanut butter. In the last four days we've caught three little critters and released them into the park nearby. They run off too quickly for a photo, but they look a lot like this wide eyed little bugger. Touché, little mouse, touché.

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