Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Birdy Bags

It's warm, the sun's shining, I'm wearing shorts and I've finally photographed a couple of the screen printed tote bags I promised you AGES ago. There's still one more design to go, (which I've been putting off because it's three colours and I'm a big fat wuss) so until I've got that one done I'm holding off putting these in my shop. But here they are, my Bullfinch and Robin, in all the sunshiney glory of the washing line.

Anyone got any recommendations for getting Speedball Screen Filler out of a screen? I've been using Speedball Photo Emulsion Remover, which has got the majority out, but there's a tough bit right in the middle and my shower is so weedy I can't use water pressure to blast it out. I'm tempted to try nail varnish remover, but I'm a bit worried it might create a weird chemical reaction and dissolve my screen... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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