Friday, 3 February 2012


A couple of cards I made yesterday; one for Rowan's sister, Anna, whose birthday is tomorrow, and the other is a thank you card for my nan and auntie, who sent me some beautiful silver and garnet, art deco-y dangly earrings for my brithday (I turned 30 last week. My mum still wants to know how I managed "to get this old...").

In other news; Rowan gave me a cool little screen printing kit for Christmas and I've just ordered some natural cotton tote bags to use it on. I haven't screen printed since college, so it's pretty exciting! With any luck I'll have a load printed and up for sale soon.


  1. These look great... hope you enjoy screen printing, I was doing some today and it's great!

  2. Thanks, Jean. I've just been looking at your website; I love your monotypes :)