Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I've now got some goodies available on  Folksy. Folksy is like the UK version of Etsy. This means that all the prices are in pounds, all the delivery charges are affordable because nothing's got to travel very far and it's easier to find what you're after or get your work seen because there are fewer people on it, being as it's UK sellers only, rather than the whole world.

So my Christmas items are now on sale at folksy.com/shops/BeThorney

I promise to get some more things up there soon but it's not just me, why not have a little browse of some of the other treats available on Folsky.

Like this paper garland made from an old copy of Alice In Wonderland, with John Tenniel's illustrations peeking out amongst the text. I want one...
Paper garland by Bookity

Or this fat Little Robin bauble of wool and sequins...
Little Robin by Tattycorum

Or, if you'd rather a less tubby robin on your tree, how about this perfectly blanket-stitched felt bird decoration by 100 Birdies For ME!...
Dark Green Christmas Birdie by 100 Birdies For ME!

Or, my favourites, how about this adorable Red Robin Trio
Red Robin Trio by Beth Foster of The Linen Cat

But that's just a (very bird-heavy, I must have a fetish) selection of hanging decorations from Folksy Handmade Christmas. There's much, much more besides, so why not pledge to buy handmade, independent and local this Christmas? It'll make it all so much more special.

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