Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas on Etsy

Apparently today's date, 11.11.11, is significant for lots of reasons, all equally bamboozling. The last time the numbers had the audacity to come over all onesy like this Aethelred the Unready was on the throne. I wonder if he wore his fave cords to mark the occasion?

Sadly lacking in cords myself (I must recify this ASAP), I've marked the day instead by photographing and uploading some lovely, new, Christmassy products to my Etsy shop, as well as updating some of the old prints on there with much better photos.

Now in store:

Handprinted tree decorations, pack of 6 for £6

I Saw Three Ships, handprinted Christmas card £4

 O Little Town of Bethlehem, handprinted Christmas card £4

All are available here

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