Friday, 8 July 2011


I love snails, they're like miniature horses pulling snail shell carriages. When I was little and my mum had a particular friend over for tea, my favourite game was covering my arms with as many snails as i could find and then freaking the bejesus out of the poor woman as the snails slimed around my limbs. My mum was so proud.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I've agreed to do a load of snail pictures for a Snail Trail my allotments committee are putting on during our Open Day on the 14th August. The idea is that children all get a sheet of paper with pictures of different types of snail on it, and a little bit of info about each of them. We'll hide my snails around the place in their 'habitat' and the kids tick off the snails on their sheets as they find them. Then when they're finished they get a Freezy pop or something.

So, today I've mostly been painting snails. It was fun; I don't get to paint much these days, and as it's a good, wholesome, educational game I wanted the snails to be as realistic as I could manage. I've done three so far, whadaya reckon?

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