Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Few Of My Favourite Sneakers

Art and Soul blog, who celebrate the collaboration of art and trainers, are currently featuring work by myself and other Handsome Frank illustrators in their My Favourite Sneakers series. Below, in order are Tim McDonagh's Adidas Superstar 2, my scrappy old Converse and Dale Bower's Shoes. Go to to see these and all the rest.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Shhhh, don't say C*&%@£mas.....

It may have been a tad chilly these last few days, and I may be sitting here in a long sleeve top, looking at grey skies and considering putting on a snuggly jumper, but it's still only July, and it seems a little premature to be thinking about designs for the big C-word (Christmas- shhhh). But I am anyway. I normally leave it til December and by then I'm too late and miss out on the much needed moolah I could have been raking in since October. Also, I've been wanting to get back into painting; mostly because I'm almost out of lino and can't really afford to buy another roll just yet, but also because painting all those snails gave me a hankering for it. So I used the back of a just-finished sketchbook, some red and white acrylic paints and my trusty mechanical pencil and created this ghostly Christmas stag. I might do a couple more designs while the goosebumps and the Adam and Jo 6 Music Show Christmas Special podcast from last year have got me in an autumnal frame of mind.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

More Snails!

Six snails down, four more to go. In case you're wondering, these three are, in order, the common garden snail, the Kentish snail and the Ramshorn. I've been doing this sitting on the floor with my legs crossed for the last two days, and now my hips hate me. Does that mean I'm old? Or just weak? Either way I'm not impressed. Man up, hips. Man up!

Friday, 8 July 2011


I love snails, they're like miniature horses pulling snail shell carriages. When I was little and my mum had a particular friend over for tea, my favourite game was covering my arms with as many snails as i could find and then freaking the bejesus out of the poor woman as the snails slimed around my limbs. My mum was so proud.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I've agreed to do a load of snail pictures for a Snail Trail my allotments committee are putting on during our Open Day on the 14th August. The idea is that children all get a sheet of paper with pictures of different types of snail on it, and a little bit of info about each of them. We'll hide my snails around the place in their 'habitat' and the kids tick off the snails on their sheets as they find them. Then when they're finished they get a Freezy pop or something.

So, today I've mostly been painting snails. It was fun; I don't get to paint much these days, and as it's a good, wholesome, educational game I wanted the snails to be as realistic as I could manage. I've done three so far, whadaya reckon?

The Waiting Room now on sale!

The Waiting Room by R.S. Barrington, which i recently illustrated, is now available to buy on as both printed and ebooks. It's the author's first novel, and he's already well along the way with two more which he'll hopefully be able to show the world soon.

Click here for the book on