Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Royal Biscuit

Did everyone have a nice Easter? I took part in my very first Easter egg hunt on Sunday, which was fun, and had a jolly nice weekend of barbecuing and badminton in Rowan's parents' beautifulgarden (soon to be transformed into the annual ARTDEJARDIN outdoor sculpture exhibition. See here for all the info ).

And it's a Bank Holiday this weekend too- woo! Not that it makes much difference to me, being self employed n'all, but it does mean I'll know what day it is for once, and that's something. So, in honour of the impending royal nuptials South West Artwork have introduced their Royal Biscuit series (biscuit as in 'take the...') featuring witty one liners and charming imagery, including this limited edition, screen printed @katebride2b tea towel available here and on Etsy  There are only 50 of each design available, so they're very special!

And for my contribution to The Big Day, a sailor tattoo-style ode to the happy couple and their impressive collection of pearly whites. Original prints available over in my Etsy shop, check it out

And yes, those really are their nicknames for one another; a surprisingly-boring-if-you-try-it Google Image search and a hypothetical character from The Tale of The Bunny Picnic (which, by the way, was my favourite Easter-time movie as a child. It starts getting good about 4 minutes in).

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