Monday, 18 April 2011

Illustrator of the Week

It's been rather slow, illustration-wise, these last few months, hence my lack of posts. On the plus side though, I've achieved great things with my allotment with all my free time. We've now got our greenhouse up, glazed and tentatively filled with 12 small tomato plants and a little chilli kindly donated by our plot neighbour, Barry. Admitedly I didn't have much to do with the erection and glazing of the greenhouse (Rowan was in charge of that, and he built a lhandsome workbench/shelving unit for it too) but I did help digging the site it's sitting on and I've dug over (almost) the whole of the rest of the plot too, getting out all the nettles, sycamore saplings and ancient, naturalized raspberry canes. We saved some of the raspberries and moved them to a sunnier spot along with a whole heap of strawberry plants, so with any luck we'll be overflowing with jam by autumn. We've got our onions, garlic, early potatoes, broad beans and french beans in too, the rhubarb's delicious and the plum tree and gooseberry bush are in full flower and promising good things to come. I've also planted a herb and salad border in our little garden at home, and sown (rather patchy) grass on the 'lawn' which was covered in enough brambles to rival Sleeping Beauty's when we moved in. I promise to show some photos when it's all verdant and lovely.

Aside from my green fingered frollicking, my real reason for this post was to let you all know that I'm Illustrator of the Week over on my agent Handsome Frank's blog. Head on over to where they'll have new work to show every day this week, plus a Q&A session towards the end.

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  1. Good work Bec!! Im so proud....of the allotment aswell of course!