Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ganbare Nippon: Japan Tsunami Appeal

With much of northern Japan left devastated by the weekend's earthquakes and tsunami, and now facing the very real threat of nuclear meltdown, I'm thanking my lucky continental plate that I'm far, far away from the Ring of Fire. The notion of a nuclear disaster immediately following two natural ones seems like a really, really severe case of kicking someone when they're down, and has hugely intensified my feelings against nuclear power. If you're looking for a creative way to do your bit for the thrice affected people of Japan, look no further than Illustration Rally's Ganbare Nippon: Japan Tsunami Appeal. Illustration Rally founder Natsuki Otani is a Japanese illustrator currently based in the UK and has set up a JustGiving donation page as well as running two art-based fundraisers. The first is an open artwork donation: any piece(s) you're willing to give, be they large, small, 2D, 3D or anything else, will be accepted and sold on Etsy with all proceeds going direct to the appeal. The second is a special illustration rally for those artists with close ties to Japan to produce some unique and special products to raise money. It will be a great opportunity to grab some unique and memorable pieces for a truly worthy cause. Head over to illustrationrally.blogspot.com for all the info.

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