Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Envelop Goodies and Crawley WORDfest

 So. In the three weeks or so since I was last on here I've been designing and adding some bits to Envelop, a lovely Belgium-based online store where you'll find lots of beautifully patterned textile goodies like cushions, aprons, pot holders, bags and more. So far I've added these oven glove and apron designs, but there's more to come, so watch this space!

The oven glove has a tree on the palm side and my pink sparrow print on the front, while the apron has the whole Little Birds pattern.Go to http://www.envelop.eu/shop/designers/p/detail/becca-thorne to see my shop.

I've also been working on my illustrated book jacket for 'Cover Versions', an exhibition in Crawley library, which will be held from the 2nd-9th April as part of WORDfest Crawley. Organiser, Jo Harrison, asked artists to illustrate alternative covers for their favourite books, to be printed onto dust jackets and displayed on books in the library. I find it hard to choose favourites when it comes to books (I feel bad for all the other books), but I do love Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series so, partly as an excuse to re-read it, I went back to the very first book in the series, The Eye Of The World. I had to read the book again as it's been ten years since I first started the series (and because I love it. I'm eagerly waiting for the 14th and final book to come out next year. Oh the anticipation!). I'd forgotten not only how good it is, but also how much I dislike fantasy covers. The WoT illustrations are far better than most, and I don't want to underplay the importance of illustrator Darrell K. Sweet's contribution to the genre. Without him we'd probably still be stuck with the weird, greasy, women-in-bikinis-no-matter-how-little-relation-it-has-to-the-story style illustration that was the norm before he came along (see this blog for some 'great' examples). I think that my main quibble with these ones, specifically, is that the character's appearances just aren't how I imagine them; and that's why I try to stear clear of showing faces in any of my own work. They are far better than the new covers though, which are basically no more than in ident in a variety of colours. Dull, dull, dull. But all this illustration-bashing is very unsavoury, so here's my design...

And above are the original cover by Darrell K. Sweet and the current design, which is the same for every book. Click for bigger versions.

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  1. Hi again Becca,

    Thanks for the follow! I love that apron, though can't say I wear them in the kitchen...