Monday, 14 March 2011

Alice's Adventure's - New designs added to Envelop

I've added another set of goods to Envelop, this time featuring my Adventures In Wonderland design. I originally created the image for South West Artwork's 'What Alice Found' signage competition, run to find a designer for their upcoming Boscombe shop's signs and logo (I previously blogged about it here). They eventually chose this gorgeous and super-slick creation by very talented fellow Falmouth graduate, Ben Farrell. Ben's design is so perfect for the shop, and I can't wait to see it finally up on the store-front. The shop will open to the public on the 2nd April, and will be full of SWA's artistic treats plus vintage wonders from co-owners The Cherry Closet.
 Part of my design was this Art Nouveau-esque White Rabbit illustration, which I'd imagined either adorning part of the front window or painted across an interior wall. I think it looks equally great on the Envelop tote bags and aprons though, and I hope they'll go down a treat. Whaddaya reckon?

Envelop Apron

Envelop Tote

Click on a product name to be whisked away to it's Envelop page. Unfortunately I managed to commit a heinous punctuation crime on the apron page, but I can't change it without re-uploading the whole design and, as it's been approved and published, I'm just going to walk away and pretend it never happened. Let's never speak of this again....


  1. This is gorgeous, i love it!! Works so well on both the apron and bag