Thursday, 16 December 2010

Bare Hair

I've had a pretty lazy day today. It started promisingly, but then some friends got chatting on Facebook and Skype, and then suddenly it was half one and I nearly missed yoga (I ran there in the snow/rain/hail after accidentally blowing up the toaster and wolfing down a humous bagel. Not the best way to start a yoga class, but I still wasn't sick, so go me!). After a lovely stretchy, balancy yoga class I procrastinated the rest of the afternoon away indulging in my new-found and slightly unhealthy Twitter addiction before I realised that I really needed to make cards for my nan and aunty's birthdays, which are right after Christmas. So here's what I've achieved today- a birthday bear and a birthday hare.

After Christmas I'll have a lovely new scanner that won't leave that horrible line across my work. No more carefully Photoshopping it out, or apologising for not being able to scan at high resolutions (I still won't be able to go mega high; my computer is also an old man. And he's a lot more grumpy than my scanner...).

But anyway, that's today's achievements. I never did get round to printing my wrapping paper or finishing my brother's tattoo design. They can be tomorrow's jobs.

Monday, 13 December 2010

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Design Week

Some of my Tomatoes prints for National Trust Books have been featured in this week's Design Week, which is looking at illustration with retro style. Cool!