Friday, 5 November 2010

At The Zoo-oo-ooo!

I was just uploading pictures from my camera, when I found some I took at Bristol zoo when my dad, nan and aunty came to visit, just before we left Bristol. It was a really lovely, sunny day, so I managed to get loads of photos, from the viewing tunnels, of seals and penguins swimming through the sunbeams. Here are a couple of good ones. The first one's my favourite, but I also love the third one, with the little penguin head poking up at the bottom like he's photo-bombing me. I've put some of the meerkats up too; they'd sit really still for a split second, and then all rush around like they were playing super-fast musical chairs. The two going at it really amused my nan. Nans are filthy.

Not these two, you dirt bag. Don't ruin the moment...

The little one on the right reminds me of Martin from Green Wing

There you go. And next to the meerkat children too. Charming.

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