Monday, 11 October 2010

1 Word

I saw this 1 Word List posted on Facebook. The idea is to answer every 'question' with one word- a word association game of sorts. I haven't seen one for a couple of years and I'm having a break from drawing potatoes by eating cheese and home-made beetroot chutney on toast, so I thought i'd fill it in...

1. Where is your mobile? desk
2. Your partner? geology
3. Your hair? scruff
4. Your mum? curly
5. Your dad? hippy
6. Favourite object? book
7. Your dream from last night? weird
8. Favourite drink? water...
9. Dream car? nope
10. The room where you are right now? studio
11. Your ex? over
12. Your fear? heights
13. What do you want to be in 10 years? wondrous
14. With whom did you spend last night? rowan
15. What are you not? dinosaur
16. The last thing you did? eat
17. What are you wearing? stripes
18. Favourite book? many
19. The last thing you ate? cheese
20. Your life? sleepy
21. Your mood? dopey
22. Your friends? away
23. What are you thinking of right now? words
24. What are you doing atm? munching
25. Your summer? bristoly
26. What’s on TV? dust
27. When was the last time you laughed? earlier
28. The last time you cried? ages
29. School? 's out
30. What are you listening to right now? Spotify
31. Favourite weekend activity? wandering
32. Dream job? marinebiology
33. Your computer? grumpy
34. Outside your window? garden
35. Beer? please
36. Mexican Food? beany
37. Winter? nearly
38. Religion? no
39. Holidays? camping
40. On your bed? duvet
41. Love? suresies
42. ? answer

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