Wednesday, 4 August 2010


So the lovely Helen, of From Little Seeds, had a birthday yesterday, and as a special treat she brought me cake! I ruddy love birthdays.

I thought I'd better give her something too (as, really, that's how it should work) so I drew her this fancy peacock for her card, and gave her a wonderful little book entitled, "TITMICE", all in capitals. It's about tits (the birds, not the boobies. Although, they're a bird too... it's all very confusing). I never knew that tit was short for titmice. Anyway, Helen makes beautiful stuffed birds (see them on her blog) and is always looking for inspiration for new "species" to add to her avian army. I though that fluffy little TITMICE might make good spies for infiltrating enemy lines. Who would suspect them...?

Helen currently sells prints, birds, bags and other handsewn lovelies upstairs at Woolies Indoor Market, on Whiteladies Road, Bristol ( but will soon be moving to a little shop in Clifton village. Watch this space for the new address!

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