Tuesday, 31 August 2010

James Thorne: Photographer Extraordinaire

So. Art (and therefore, having no money) runs in my family. My younger brother, James, is a photographer working in large and medium format, digital and traditional mediums. He's recently started printing on aluminium, which is great if you love strong, dark tones and heavy contrast in your photos (you can read more about it- and buy too!- on his website www.dottygallery.com). He also does a great line in extraordinarily beautiful dead things, like the 'Bunny' below (my personal favourite) 
 and these on his blog. He's really very talented (and, being his sister, I wouldn't say that unless it were true) and I promise, they were like that when he found them...

He's also got an Ebay store, http://stores.ebay.co.uk/dottygallery as well as selling through his website, so head on over and give it a browse.

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