Wednesday, 7 April 2010

For The Love of An Orchard

I just received my copy of a book I worked on last year, it's called For The Love of An Orchard, and is littered with my illustrations all the way through (and if I do say so myself it looks ruddy marvelous!).

I see Bill Bryson's read it. You can't really tell on these photos, but those vertical green strips down the edge of the covers are silver embossed canvas. Nice. Here are a few little nuggets from inside as well:

Lovely end papers...

It's a nice sturdy hardback with good, thick pages, and as well as being a beautiful book, it's also incredibly informative, containing the history of different orchard fruits and their appearance in art and literature down the ages, growing and maintaining the trees, and recipes for each fruit (including some quince-based Tudor aphrodisiacs!).
It's out now, check it out on amazon.

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