Friday, 29 January 2010

January Mailer

These are the front and back designs of my winter postcards, which I sent out yesterday (and cost me nearly £40 in stamps- cripes!). I got them printed by Vistaprint, who I think used to be a bit hit-and-miss, but I've been using them for two years and always had great results, so I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a cheap printer. And I swear they're not paying me to say that!

Friday, 15 January 2010

New Hotplate!

So, it's been chuffing cold recently (you might have noticed) and that means that my lino has been harder than granite to cut. Last year I had a log fire in the room I worked in, and rested my lino on the guard to warm it. But then we went and moved, so I've been sitting on my lino and incubating it but, alas, even my bottom has been too cold recently. So i decided it was time for a hotplate. Unfortunately, printer's hotplates cost about £600 new, and I couldn't find any on ebay at all. What I did find though, was a heck of a lot of "Hostess" table top dish warmers, like you'd find in Chinese and Indian restaurants. They were going for around £45 including postage, so I got one! Hoorah! It's lovely and it stays warm for about an hour after 8 minutes charging (with the shortest cable in the world) and now my lino is soft and supple and warms my hands as I cut it! And, the best bit of all- the box tells me it's "the secret of effortless entertaining!"

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Birthday Magpie

It's Rowan's dad's birthday today, and this is the magpie I drew for his card.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Jane Whorwood Article

This is the last commission I did before Christmas. It's for a BBC History Magazine article on Jane Whorwood, a "secret agent" who helped smuggle merchant gold to King Charles during the civil war. It will appear in the February issue.

Emma's Birthday

It was my friend Emma's birthday at the weekend, and I made her this monoprinted card(to go with some snuggly slipper socks and a nice new sketchbook Helen and I bought her). Emma's an illustrator too- check out her beautiful work at She's really very good!