Saturday, 28 March 2009


If TATA builds its port at Dhamra, Olive Ridley turtles will pay the ultimate price

TATA is releasing the world's cheapest car. It could also be driving turtles to extinction. To find out more, and to sign the polite letter to Mr Ratan Tata, asking him to reconsider the location of his port, click here:


  1. Mr Tata is it really my imagination or people of greenpeace really like the cologne u wear.They wanna follow u everywhere.

  2. I really can't understand the way greenpeace is approaching this situation!I always thought that the environmentalist are people with great reason and great credibility.
    But seeing the activities of Greenpeace I must say "I would beg to differ"

  3. What is it that Greenpeace have done that bothers you?

  4. Hey Becca, Greenpeace has NOT done its homework. There is absolutely NO way can the turtles be harmed. Please check the facts before you make any further comments

  5. I'm not saying that TATA are all bad- i'd just like to draw attention to the fact that this industrial port is being created very close to the area where these rare turtles breed. It will increase human and mechanical activity beyond what is there at the moment and the true impact will only be seen once this activity commences. The only way to be certain that 'absolutely NO' harm will come to the turtles is for the port to be built further away from their nesting ground. It is hard to simply trust companies and organisations to do the right thing over issues like this. They have to be encouraged towards conservation, rather than allowed to simply take the route which makes the most money in the fastest way.

  6. @all the Tata posters who apparently haven't read much about the issue - All the info you need is compiled at

    However if you do not wish to believe a Greenpeace point of view here's some external sources on the issue
    1. Over 100 SCIENTISTS including 25 of IUCNs own MTSG (Marine Turtle Specialist Group) have voiced their dissent to the port. (

    2. Members of the MTSG have written to the Director General of the IUCN voicing their opposition on SCIENTIFIC GROUNDS to the port (

    3. Several wildlife and social organisations besides Greenpeace have voiced their dissent agains the port. These include WPSI, ATREE, BNHS, Kalpavriksha

    4. The National Fish workers union and the Orissa Traditional Fish workers union (representing over 100,000 fisherfolk from Orissa) have voiced their opposition to the port. (

    Unless you are saying that ALL these scientists and organisations who have NOTHING to gain from this are simply assuming a threat.

    While the Tatas, who stand to gain lots and lots of money from a mega-port, are doing this purely out of altruistic concern for the local folk and the biodiverse ecosystem of the region.

    The precise threat to the turtles (as well as the rest of the ecosystem in the biodiverse Bhitarkanika national park) cannot be fully ascertained until a proper INDEPENDENT study is done in the area. The Tata's have in principle agreed to this, however such a study cannot be properly conducted in the absence of a cessation of the work at the port, specifically the dredging.

    The absolute lack of will from the Tatas to follow the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE ( to which they should adhere as members of the UN global compact is surprising.

    You probably work for the Tatas and are defending your company. But do you think this planet, our MOTHER EARTH, is at your disposal to strip uncaringly of all her natural resources?

    What will happen when the last tree has been chopped down, the last river poisoned, the last fish dead? Will you eat money?

    We treat this planet like it's resources are infinite, but they are not. If we destroy this planet, we DESTROY OUR HOME!

    Look deep into your heart and ask yourself, would you rather have money today, and a bleak desolate future tomorrow.

  7. @Anitha - alraedy the possible impacts of dredging are being seen this year. While the Arribada took place, the turtles faced a lot of difficulty due to erosion of their nesting beaches. (

    @Becca - I know you're saying the Tatas are not all bad, do check this out though


  8. Thanks for that Jugular Bean, I had already taken a dim view towards Mr Tata thanks to his apparent lack of consideration towards the Olive Ridleys, but didn't want to say he was all bad because- let's face it- i knew nothing about the man himself. After reading the rap sheet however I see that Mr Tata is a fair way from 'not all bad' and somewhat closer to 'bad'.

  9. Hey Jugular Bean, it’s nice to know that you know what you are talking about and have done your homework. But all the websites that you have mentioned seem to have the same thing written again and again… that too after all the explanations have been made and all doubts been clarified.
    Now for a change may be YOU should go through this site ( for further clarifications.
    And NO I’m not an employee of TATA … BUT am an Oriya… meaning I and my entire clan has been there for generations… so I KNOW what you are JUST talking about…
    Maybe you should also check out this site ( To know the TRUE picture of all the happenings…
    Yes I can understand that you might want to safeguard YOUR job at Greenpeace organization, so you have to write such things… maybe you should start with improving the conditions of the place where your head office is ‘Bangalore’.

  10. I agree with Anitha, I am an Oriya too... I understand what Jugular Bean is trying to say, as my forefathers were all fishermen and we could grow only because MOTHER NATURE wanted us to blossom.
    But I still don’t understand HOW is the Dhamra Port affecting the arribada of the Olive Ridley Turtles... its miles away guys...
    I know cuz I live there. You guys have to come down here and SEE before you make any comments anywhere.
    Check out this site.

  11. Well all know that the greenpeace organisation is soooo very dramatic. Becca, you are welcome to come to Orissa and see the reality with YOUR own eyes.

  12. I agree with anitha, and I am not surprised by the way the Green peace organization is behaving. They have always been criticized for being too radical, too alarmist or too mainstream, for using methods bordering on eco-terrorism, or having itself caused environmental damage in its activities, for taking positions which are not environmentally or economically sound, and for valuing non-human causes over human causes. These criticisms have been not only made by governments, industrial and political lobbyists but also by and other environmental groups.

  13. Are we becoming a culture of crying foul for sake of making a headline? In a standoff between a large corporation being accused of noncompliance in its implementation of a key developmental project and the fancied environmentalists, is the corporation being pronounced guilty before a fair trial? One cannot help but wonder?

  14. Greenpeace claims itself to be an organization that recons itself with justice ... claims itself to be the only savior of Mother Earth. But over the years, its superficiality has come to surface. The way it has dealt with all the principal features of any movements, seems to be only done for visibility.
    Maybe its time for them to grow up!

  15. Hope you guys know that turtles have nested with successful arribada in Gahirmatha this year!

  16. So stop using those poor turtles to get you into the limelight. Pick someone your own size... a mouse maybe.

  17. Some are for the TATAs some are for the Greenpeace. Both are organisations helping in growth and welfare. They should both sit and negotiate and come with a solution that they both are satisfied with.

  18. Thank you Shiven, for a post that is concise, polite and the most sensible yet. Yes, I am a Greenpeace supporter. I'm not trying to use this campaign to 'get me into the limelight'- how this would be possible when this is actually an illustration blog i have no idea- I'm simply trying to highlight a campaign that I feel is important. I'm not trying to stop development in Orissa, or anywhere else, and I'm not trying to do the people of the area out of all important incomes or industry (I'm not even actively involved in this campaign other than this small post). All I'm interested in is ensuring that the turtles are given a fair chance, and that the work is postponed while proper, independent investigations are carried out. Development is going to continue, but we should work with the natural world rather than ploughing in and hoping nature will sort itself out. Greenpeace are an important part of issues like this and the work they have done in the past in all areas of conservation is invaluable.

  19. The Government is going to be responsible after the port is constructed. They sure are going to be responsible and take care of all the marine life including the Olive Ridleys.

  20. Here's a news article about the mass turtles nesting in Gahirmatha Beach during 21-24 March 2009

  21. According to Greenpeace, Dhamra port project will directly affect the Olive Ridley turtles, their mating, nesting etc. however found this video (Greenpeace Lie - Olive Ridley Nesting Video at Gahirmatha Beach) worth sharing. Even after huge Greenpeace propaganda, turtles came back for nesting at Gahirmatha beach, which is located near Dhamra port project.

    Like to share few more stories:

    Olive Ridley Turtles Begin Early Nesting in OrissaOlive Ridley turtles hatchlings emerge from sandy pitsI think Greenpeace problem lies here: "After all, Tata has grown from a national giant into an international player"

  22. Have a look at

    Its says:

    "It may be noted that IUCN and the MTSG (Marine Turtle Scientific Group) scientists working with the group have clearly stated that dredging operations for Dhamra does not and will not affect the Olive Ridley Turtles in Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary and its periphery area. For more details log on to -"

  23. Thanks Jess for sharing the blogspot link with us.

    Check this press release which is worth reading.
    "Press Release from North orissa University

    It has come to our notice that Greenpeace India have placed in their website a report under the title "Bio-diversity Assessment of Dhamra Port Site and Surroundings Areas, Orissa". The cover page of the report says that the report has been prepared by the North Orissa University. We would like to clarify that no report under the above mentioned title has been prepared by the North Orissa Unversity.

    North Orissa University had prepared a report under the title "Rapid Bo-diversity Assessment of Dhamra Estuary, Orissa-India" and the same was submitted to Greenpeace India who were the funding agency.

    A comparison of the report as it appears in the website of Greenpeace India and the authentic report of North Orissa University reveals that the Greenpeace India have doctored the authentic report by way of changing the title and its contents for motives best known to them.

    We wish to further clarify that the impact of Dhamra Port on the environment and bio-diversity of Dhamra Estuary was not within the scope of our study.

    For the sake of convenience we are enclosing herewith a copy of the authentic report of the University and the report as placed by the Greenpeace India in their website along with a comparison in a tabular form which would clearly indicate the changes/deletions/additions and interpolations made by Greenpeace India.

    To conclude we take serious exception to such unethical conduct by Greenpeace India.

    Prof. Sudarsan Nanda,
    Vice Chancellor,
    North Orissa University"